We know it can be tough to get people to come to your Medicare events, but we’ve got your back.

From Medicare Facebook ads to landing pages to back-end automation, with KeyWave Digital, you’ll spend less time marketing/managing your seminar and more time connecting with seniors that need your expert assistance.

Our Process

Facebook Medicare Leads for Seminars

Digital marketing for insurance agents may seem tricky if you don’t know where to begin.

At KeyWave Digital, our proven process is known to bring in more turning 65 Medicare leads and/or seniors that are retiring soon and leaving their employer plan to help you reach your insurance sales goals for the year.

website development

Landing Page Creation

We create custom landing pages for each agent with their photo, logo, and brief bio because we know the importance of making a good “first impression” on your ideal audience and building your personal brand in your local market(s).

medicare seminar facebook ads

Medicare Facebook Ads

As digital marketing takes over the Medicare lead generation space, it’s important to run a quality offer that generates interest and is providing genuine value. This is why seminars work so well.

Medicare seminar backend automations

Back-End Automations

The system we built in EVENTFULL handles many automations to assist you including sending automated text message and email reminders to the attendees leading up to your events. There are also automations in place post-event to maximize the amount of appointments that get booked on your calendar.

EVENTFULL for Medicare Seminar Marketing


In our EVENTFULL platform, you can also view and manage your sales pipeline to ensure every lead opportunity is prioritized as well as directly communicate with your leads via email and text message.

Want to present your message to potential clients without the hassle of event planning? See how you can launch your first digital webinar today!

Why You Should Hire a Medicare Marketing Agency

If you’re trying to grow your business and close more deals, hiring a Medicare marketing agency may be exactly what you need. Medicare marketing agencies have Medicare-specific expertise and can offer valuable services that will help your business thrive in this competitive market.

Our KeyWave Digital team is here to help you make the most of your marketing efforts by offering:

Keywave Digital Medicare Marketers

Ready to Collect Exclusive Medicare Leads?

Are you ready to bring in more qualified leads with seminar marketing? Find out why our advisor clients choose our services time and time again. Because when you thrive, we do too.