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Facebook Medicare Leads Generated in Real Time for Your Agency

This is for Medicare Agents that want to increase their revenue and help more seniors each month.

Helping seniors find their best healthcare options is the easy part. Finding high quality leads on a regular basis is the hard part. We’re here to solve the hard part for you.

T65 leads on autopilot

Our done for you marketing system sends you leads directly to your inbox in real-time!


Email Marketing

Event/appointment reminders for attendees and email drip marketing to nurture all leads.

Landing Pages

Custom branded landing page development specifically for your campaign(s).

Campaign Management

Setup, split-testing, targeting, management. We do everything for you to ensure maximum ROI.

Turning 65 Medicare Leads For Educational Medicare Seminars

KeyWave Digital is largely experienced in using Facebook to promote educational Medicare seminars year-round as well as promoting Medicare sales meetings during AEP.

Using our Facebook + YouTube advertising strategy to promote your meetings is an extremely effective strategy to filling up seats and generating turning 65 Medicare leads.

As I’m sure you know, Medicare is often a very frustrating and confusing time for some folks. It is our job to connect those who need help with their Medicare decisions to agents that can guide them through the process by creating compelling Facebook & YouTube advertisements that are shown directly to your target demographic, the senior market.

We currently work directly with independent agents/agencies as well as with field marketing organizations (FMO’s) to help them implement this strategy to generate Medicare seminar RSVP’s for all of their agents.

These RSVP’s are exclusive Medicare leads for agents to build relationships with and simultaneously build up your sales pipeline by providing your expertise to present them with the best options available.

KeyWave Digital can also apply this same strategy for on demand webinars to generate appointments on auto-pilot.

turning 65 medicare leads for agents

Medicare Leads for Agents

The Medicare leads generated by Keywave Digital campaigns aren’t just run-of-the-mill internet leads that you can buy from any vendor. Whether you want us to fill up your seminar seats or webinar events, you are getting prospects reaching out specifically to you in order to get help.

By the time we ask these leads to fill out a lead form, they are already familiar with you since they’ve heard your presentation. So these people know exactly what will happen when they submit the lead form.

Would you rather dial 20 leads from a generic lead vendor and chase people down, or would you rather actually speak to people who want to speak with you directly after attending your seminar?

Exclusive Medicare Insurance Leads

Our guarantee is that all the leads we send to you are exclusively yours. These aren’t shared leads, aged leads, or anything of that sort.

These are leads generated and sent to you in real-time. We also automate the follow up to ensure maximum attendance at your events.

We can fill up your seminar seats, have steady attendance at your live webinars, or take your business to the next level with our exclusive Automated Webinar campaign.

All campaigns include weekly email marketing to nurture the leads that don’t convert after your event. Stay in front of all your leads and be positioned as the subject matter expert in your market. 

Medicare Marketing Agency


Unlike most marketing agencies, we don’t try to do it all. We focus on the Medicare insurance market, and we have the experience to back it up.


When you work with us, you benefit from a marketing team that knows the Senior market. We understand the market in a way that general marketing agencies are not able to.

Unique, Tried-and-Tested Marketing Campaigns

Our approach has been built and refined with input from top producers of Medicare insurance. We’ve taken their input and combined it with years of marketing experience.


What you get: proven campaigns with messaging and call-to-actions that resonate with seniors at different points of their Medicare experience. Make sales now AND fill your pipeline for months down the road.

KeyWave Digital

Hear About Our Clients’ Success

Facebook & YouTube are great tools to reach people who may need the Medicare assistance that you offer. The senior market is active on social media and search engines, which makes it a prime platform to run advertisements to attract new clientele.

Our online strategies have successfully resulted in many leads and growth opportunities for our current clients and their agencies. We handle all forms of advertising with the utmost care, as it’s your money being spent to run them.  Let KeyWave Digital help you grow your clientele by running Facebook advertisements for you today!

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