This is for Medicare Insurance Agents that want to maximize their growth potential while helping more seniors each month.

Helping seniors discover their best healthcare options is the easy part. Finding high-quality leads on a regular basis is the challenge. That’s where we come in.

Medicare Leads for Agents

The Power of Medicare Seminars

Medicare is often a very frustrating and confusing time for seniors. It’s our job to connect those who need help with their Medicare decisions to agents that can guide them through the process.

What’s the best way to connect you/your agency with seniors looking for Medicare help? Through Medicare seminars.

Collect More Medicare Facebook Leads in Your Pipeline Through Digital Ads

To market your seminars, our team at KeyWave Digital uses Medicare Facebook, YouTube, Google and other platform ads to promote Medicare seminars year-round — as well as promoting Medicare sales meetings during AEP.

By using our proven Facebook/YouTube/Google advertising strategies and proprietary software tools, we are able to effectively promote your seminars/meetings to generate more “turning 65” Medicare leads in your pipeline.

Facebook Medicare leads

Medicare Event Marketing

How it Works (Post-Seminar)

Digital marketing for insurance agents can be complicated. That’s why we serve as your trusted Medicare marketing agency partner throughout the entire process.

The Medicare leads generated by Keywave Digital campaigns aren’t just run-of-the-mill internet leads that you can buy from any vendor. Whether you want us to fill up your seminar seats or webinar events, you are getting exclusive Medicare leads who are seeking to be educated and get professional assistance with their Medicare plan options.

Here is how we lead your attendees further down the marketing funnel (post-seminar):

medicare marketing seminar leads

Event Lead Forms

By the time these leads are asked to book an appointment, they are already familiar with you since they’ve already heard your seminar presentation and you’ve already built a level of rapport. This means they already view you as the expert in your area and are ready to get their Medicare plan needs taken care of so they don’t have to stress out about it any longer!

Think about it. Would you rather call 20 “leads” from a generic lead vendor and chase people down, or would you rather actually speak to real people who want to speak with you directly after attending your seminar?

Automated Follow Up

Using our EVENTFULL platform, you can manage your leads post seminar which trigger automated sequences to get you more booked appointments whether they attended your seminar or even if they weren’t able to attend. Those that do not book an appointment are entered into a nurture sequence.

This will enable you to stay at top of mind in your lead pool for when they’re ready to move forward.

Medicare marketing automated follow up

Fill Your Seats with KeyWave Digital

Our guarantee is that all the leads we send to you are exclusively yours. These aren’t shared leads, aged leads, or anything of that sort. These are leads generated and sent to you in real-time of people that want to attend an event of yours.

Plan for your seminar today (and tomorrow). At KeyWave Digital, we work hard and leverage our custom developed tools to fill up your seminar seats and bring you steady attendance at your events.

Want to take your business to the next level with Medicare Seminar Marketing? With us, the possibilities are endless. Don’t wait to reach out.