Are you looking to take your business to the next level in 2023? Having a professional Medicare agent website is a crucial step towards attracting new clients and growing your business.

We know what it takes to make your business successful online and we know you don’t want to spend thousands on custom web design. With our pre-designed website packages for Medicare agents, we can get there without breaking the bank.

MEdicare agency websites


With a variety of options, from beautiful design to powerful features, we can help you crush your Medicare branding and marketing goals. 

Our packages give you the tools needed to take your business to the next level by providing a professional-looking website designed specifically for Medicare agents that helps engage visitors and convert them into customers.

Improve Your Medicare Marketing Efforts With Branding?

Most agents and business owners don’t think their website serves any real purpose besides being a digital business card. That’s exactly why many agents don’t care to have a website. However, I think it’s safe to say that you do care about maximizing your marketing dollars.

Here is just one big reason why your website DOES matter:

Studies have shown the importance of websites for businesses in the digital age. It is estimated that 96% of mobile device users will visit a website after viewing an advertisement on their device; this makes it essential for business owners to connect with potential customers through well-crafted websites. Why wouldn’t they be doing the same checks after receiving your direct mail marketing? News flash: they are!


Still Don’t Think You Need a Medicare Website?

With these stats in mind, it’s clear that having a well-designed and functional website is more important than ever for Medicare agents. That’s where we come in.

website development

MEdicare AGENT websites

What's Included With the Medicare Agent Website?

Professional design: Our team of experienced designers will create a modern, responsive website that showcases your services and helps you stand out from the competition.

SEO Optimization: We’ll make sure your business is set up properly to be found by those searching for services like yours on search engines such as Google.

SEO Content & Conversion Optimization: Our websites come preloaded with engaging web pages full of relevant content that quickly educate your readers on various aspects of Medicare to include Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Part D, applying for Medicare, and much more. Providing valuable content that educates the end user is how you convert more visitors into leads and it’s also the primary ranking factor for search engines.

Affordable: Our package is competitively priced, giving you a high-quality website without breaking the bank.


Features listed below are includes with all plans.

Medicare Website

A modern website that showcases your services and helps you stand out from the competition.

13 Pages of SEO Rich Content

SEO rich Medicare content that increases visibility, traffic, and engagement on your website.

Lead Gen Opt-In Magnet

A done-for-you lead magnet PDF that entices website visitors to enter their name and email address.


Branded with your business logo, colors, and personalized with your bio and photo.

Contact Form

Website contact form to gather interested prospects and turn them into leads. Email + SMS notifications.


User optimized experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile views.

SSL Secured

Secure and encrypted; any data entered is safely shared with only your website.

15 Pre-Loaded Blog Articles

A well organized blog that includes keywords and phrases your future customers are searching for.

Website Chat Widget

Engages your website visitors and increases website conversion rate without manual effort.

Website Analytics

Measure, collect, analyze, and review web data to understand how users interact with your website.

Website Builder Portal

For the agents that like to DIY - make edits yourself, add more content, and more.

Priority Email Support

Priority email support for all clients regardless of which plan you choose.


Basic Plan

Medicare Agent Website
Expert On-Page SEO
All Features Listed Above
No Setup Fees
Priority Email Support
$97 $ 57

Pro Plan

Everything in Basic Plan
Social Media Scheduling
Email Nurture Campaign
Online Booking Calendar
Missed Call Text Back
$197 $ 97

Not quite ready to move forward yet?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Choose your plan and click the GET DEMO SITE button on this page.
  2. Fill out the onboarding form which provides us with the key details necessary to create your site.
  3. Once you submit the onboarding form, we’ll have your demo site built within 2 business days for you to review.
  4. After implementing any requested changes (within the scope of services), you’ll submit payment info to begin your subscription.
  5. Once payment is confirmed, we’ll publish your website and send your login information.

Yes, we will provide you with the information to hook your domain up to our platform or we can do it for you if you prefer.

Yes! We will help you secure your domain and connect it to our platform.

We offer priority email support to all of our clients M-F 8 AM – 5PM (EST). Phone or video support may be scheduled if the need arises.

Short answer, no. We do have an agreement for you to review and sign but that simply outlines the scope of services. The commitment is month to month and can be canceled at any time prior to the next billing cycle.

The websites are built for our in-house platform. The website design, layout, pre-loaded content, and other features are owned by KEYWAVE DIGITAL. However, if you uploaded your own content or paid for additional content, you are free to take that content with you and re-use it.

Our favorite question! Jokes aside, we offer 15% off for annual subscriptions. You can also save by referring other agents to our platform. Ask us about our affiliate program.

Yes, we handle all hosting, backups, system maintenance, and website security.

Our website platform is a turnkey proven system. We customize your website’s company name, bio, contact information, logo, colors, and your domain name as requested. If you are looking to make additional customization, you may simply login to your website and make the change, or request our help. We’ll let you know if it falls within the scope of services and if not, what additional fees might apply.

We integrate with Zapier so you can connect any 3rd party to our platform. We will take care of this for you on our end.

Yes. Your website is fully customizable with your own login. Easily add new content, pages, images, etc. Our platform hosts easy to use features and a drag and drop builder.

We’ve been in the Medicare marketing space for just over four years now and as such, remain very familiar with CMS guidelines. There is no way to 100% certify content as CMS compliant but we’ve worked on and published over a thousand Medicare agent ad campaigns, websites, and emails all together without any issues. All content closely follows CMS guidelines at the time of writing. However, since guidelines can change, we encourage you to submit your website through your upline’s compliance for their stamp of approval. We’ll gladly make any content changes they request in that regard.

Just having a website and letting it sit there will not get you any visitors in most cases. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Here are a few methods:

Content marketing: This method, we’ve jump started for you with 15 pre-loaded blog articles w/ educational Medicare content. Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing valuable, informative, and entertaining content on your website. 

Google Business Profile (GBP. Formerly known as GMB): This method is free. All you need is an address to get the Google post card sent to in the primary area you service. When you set up a Google My Business profile, your business information (such as your location, phone number, and hours of operation) will appear on Google Maps and in the Local Pack (a list of local businesses that appears at the top of search results). This can make it easier for potential customers to find and contact your business. Make sure to fill out everything on your GBP in as much detail as impossible and to collect as many positive reviews as possible to increase your rankings. Contact us with any questions you may have on this.

Search engine optimization (SEO): There are two primary parts to SEO. The first is on-page optimization which is automatically taken care of for you when you sign up with us. The second half is off-page optimization which is more or less link building. Link building is getting other websites to link to your website demonstrating to search engines that your website is reputable. Getting your content shared on social media and other industry related websites are two ways to do this. Off-page SEO is something we can help you with.

Social media marketing: Sharing your website and its content on social media platforms can help drive traffic to your site.

Paid advertising: You can use platforms like Google or Facebook advertising to pay for ads that will drive traffic to your website.

Email marketing: Building an email list and sending newsletters or promotional emails can drive traffic to your website.

FREE Google Business Profile MINI COURSE

When you sign up for one of our website plans today, you get free access to our Google Business Profile mini course. It walks you step by step how to get a GBP and how to optimize it to increase your ranking on Google.

Connect with our team to start the conversation about getting started with your Medicare agent website today!