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The Internet is the vehicle to the future – and it’s no surprise that advertising and marketing have shifted largely to this channel of communication.  Promoting your company and your skills through online strategies will not only create stronger and more productive leads, but it will also show that your company is technologically reliable – a feature that, believe it or not, many customers look at when searching for a product/service.  KeyWave Digital knows that your strongest potential for growth lies in your business’s online visibility, and since you’re already in the vehicle, we’re prepared to make the ride as smooth as possible.

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Digital Advertising

Facebook, Google, & YouTube paid advertisements that attract new customers to your services.

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Did you ever notice that your Google search browser or Facebook page seems to know exactly what products or services interest you?  It’s incredibly common to hop on a social media site and have an advertisement appear in your feed. 

With paid advertising, there’s an entire strategy behind targeting the people that are searching for or interested in what you have to offer, as well as track their actions when they have visited your website/landing page.

When you call to discuss your options, we’ll take the time to explain the basic process of how paid advertisements work, figure out specifics of the campaigns with you (such as identifying your target demographic), and answer any questions that you may have. 

Once we construct your online advertising campaign, we’ll structure it to ensure that the ad creative is compelling, it targets your customer demographic, and generates the leads and sales that your business has been looking for! You no longer need to become frustrated over how to put yourself out there on the internet. 

KeyWave Digital can easily take over the process for you, so that you can do what you do best, run your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your business with organic traffic to direct customers to your website through Google search.

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When it comes to marketing your services on the internet, nothing beats being listed at the top of Google and other primary search engines for your market’s most productive keywords.

Businesses listed on page 1 of search results garnered 92% of all traffic from the average search. The number one listed business receives 33% of search traffic (

Implementing and maintaining a holistic search engine optimization strategy will get your website to the top of a Google search when certain keywords related to your services are used in the search. 

Being a highly ranked website is extremely important to consumers who are seeking your skills, as they tend to trust companies that are towards the top of the first page and have the best/most customer reviews. 

All-Inclusive Strategy:

– Website Optimization

– Website Content

– Backlinking

– Citations

– Google My Business Optimization


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