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SEO might seem like a buzzword in the insurance community, but it’s more than just a buzzword. If you consider yourself an insurance professional, then it’s safe to say you are in the business of getting people coverage. And, if that is your goal, then you need to be thinking about SEO as part of your marketing strategy.

What is SEO? 

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the key to getting your website found in search engines like Google. As an insurance agent, potential clients may search for terms like “insurance agencies near me”, “should I hire an insurance agent?”, or “how much does it cost to sign-up for Medicare insurance?”.

The only way to get your website to show up when they run a quick search is by using certain keywords throughout the copy of your site and creating long-form content. (Without using certain keywords throughout the copy of your site, it will make it difficult for Google to understand what your site is about.) 

Now, we’re going to share with you some of the top tips to get your website to rank in Google. 

Tips for Great SEO as an Insurance Agent

The insurance business is a highly competitive market. So, as an insurance agent, you have to do everything you can to gain an advantage over the competition. Here are the best tips to have SEO success.

  • Optimize Your Website

What do we mean by website optimization? Website optimization includes: 

  • Crafting a meta description
  • Writing image alt text
  • Optimizing all imagery for the web
  • Creating page title tags

By performing these necessary tasks, Google will  be able to understand your site better and show your site to users on their search engine. 

  • Create Great Content

Next, you want to create educational, helpful content. The more content you have on your site (whether it be press releases, blog content, video content, etc.), the more likely your site will be found by prospective clients that are already looking for your services. Google favors sites that have been creating content for a while and have a library of quality content. Because Google wants to continue to serve its users valuable content, they will push you up in the rankings if you continue to create consistent, value-driven content for your website visitors.  

  • Use Internal and External Links

When you write articles in school, you are expected to cite your sources. The same rules apply to writing articles and other website content online as well. When you add links to your content from within your own site or from other sources, Google will deem you as a trustworthy source. This will enable your site to climb the ranks for certain keywords in Google. 

Gain Traction Online with SEO

As you can tell, SEO can be competitive — especially if you are up against competitors that are ranking for the same keywords as you. This is where we come in to help. At KeyWave Digital, we know the top SEO strategies to get more organic traffic to your site so you can continue to expand your digital reach. 
Are you ready to get more leads to your website? Let us handle SEO for you. Connect with our team of SEO specialists today!


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