Struggling to close your final expense leads? We know sometimes it can be difficult to seal the deal with your final expense leads. The best thing that you can do to increase your bottom line is to provide a remarkable customer experience to your prospects, and in this blog post, we will show you how to do that through digital marketing.

5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond: Crafting a Customer Experience That Sells

  1. Create Engaging Marketing Messaging

When you see a marketing message online, you want it to feel like the business is  directly speaking to you. The marketing messaging that you release out into the world needs to be engaging and should be created with the intention to sell. Messaging doesn’t only come in the form of text, but images as well. So when you launch any marketing campaign, you want to make sure that your overall marketing message is made with your target audience in mind. 

  1. Make Your Emails Personal

More often than not, email recipients hate to feel like they got a generic “copy-paste” email that was sent out to 100s of other people. This makes them feel like just another number. 

Before clicking send, be sure to add a touch of personalization to your email. You can do this by addressing them by their name and by sending them specific resources that they are interested in. 

If you have had a conversation with them already, you can add in a few sentences thanking them for meeting with you and answer any questions you may not have gotten to answer in that first meeting. 

  1. Give Them Helpful, Educational Resources

You don’t want to leave your leads confused after a sales conversation. You want to provide your leads with helpful, educational resources so that they can do the due diligence to research on their own. These resources can be in the form of a video, eBook, or a valuable article. 

  1. Run Ads on Social Media Platforms They Are Using

The best way to get the best final expense leads is through Facebook ads and YouTube ads.  By running ads through these platforms, you can expect to see a higher conversion rate than if you were to run ads through other platforms. In fact, only 9% of small businesses are using YouTube to market their business. (This is a huge opportunity that you need to  tap into as a final expense business!)

  1. Review What’s Working (And What Isn’t)

Lastly, you want to see what’s working and what isn’t for your overall customer experience. You should always reflect on things that have worked and not worked  for you in the past. Then, you can plan forward to make sure that you are continually delighting all of your prospective customers throughout the sales journey. 

Exceed Your Final Expense Sales Goals with Digital Marketing 

Finding new clients is difficult. Working for a commission without a base is hard. Now is the time to improve the overall customer experience with digital marketing strategies that have been proven to work. At KeyWave Digital, our approach is simple. We handle digital marketing and  final expense lead generation so that you can work on what you do best — generating sales. 

Are you ready to generate more leads for your final expense business? Get started with us so we can help you get the best final expense leads today!