Lead generation is a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when you are targeting seniors. One of the largest barriers in  the medicare insurance market is agent-to-customer communication. Many seniors are burnt out on unwarranted sales calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize, and some have decided to quit picking up the phone altogether. 

It can be difficult to put your message in front of your target audience, but platforms like Facebook make it easy  to do. Aging individuals tend to spend many hours on Facebook and are willing to do the research online before making any big purchases. This is why you, as an insurance agent, need to use Facebook ads as part of your lead generation strategy. Let’s dive in further on what Facebook ads are. 

Fun Fact: Facebook provides the highest return on investment of all paid channels for a majority of companies. More than 1 in 3 listed Facebook ads as their best performer in terms of ROI, ahead of Google Paid Search and Instagram. (HubSpot)

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are a way for you to  promote your services with videos and links via your customer’s Facebook feed. The best part about Facebook ads is that you can target your audience based on their interests, demographic information, location, and more! 

So, how do you get facebook medicare leads? Here are the 4 simple steps you can follow to start capturing Facebook leads!

4 Steps  to Get More Medicare Facebook Leads

  1. Understand Your Audience 

The first step you need to take in order to collect medicare Facebook leads is to understand your audience. You should ask yourself questions like

  • What is their age range? 
  • What are their interests? 
  • Why would they be interested in doing business with your company? 
  • What challenges do they face?
  1. Create Your Target Audience

Next, it’s time to create your target audience in Facebook Business Manager. You can create hyper-focused audiences by adding the correct audience insight information. This information includes geographic location, demographics, interests, and more. 

  1. Make Engaging Visuals and Text

After creating your target audience, it’s time to get creative. The goal here is to make your ad more “click-worthy.” You need to decide what language you will use in the text and decide if you are going to use a graphic or video to advertise your services. 

  1. Launch Medicare Facebook Ads

Lastly, you need to launch the Facebook ad! Be sure to revisit your metrics in your Facebook Business Manager portal to see how your ad is performing. You can even A/B test different imagery or text to see what performs better. This will help you continue to make ads that best serve your audience. 

Improve Your Lead Pool with Facebook Ads

You may be in a place where you want to run Facebook ads, but you may still be confused about how to execute one. No worries. That’s why we are here! 

At KeyWave Digital, we have years of experience in the Medicare Lead Generation realm and we are no stranger to Facebook ads. Connect with our team of experts to set up your first targeted Facebook ad today!