Medicare Advantage Marketing: What is a Seminar?

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Capturing new Medicare insurance leads can be difficult — especially if you don’t know where to begin. We get it. 


As a Medicare Insurance Marketing Agency, we get questions all the time from our newer clients asking us about how they can better market their insurance business. Or, how they can bring in more qualified insurance leads through medicare lead generation (without having to pick up the phone).


Well, have you considered hosting an in-person seminar?

What is a Seminar?

A seminar is an in-person presentation where you can go over a range of  topics in order to nurture potential customers further down the buyer’s journey. 


As an insurance agent, you can cover topics like: 

  • Do You Really Need a Medicare Advantage Plan? 
  • What is the Difference Between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • The Pros & Cons  of a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • How Much Does it Cost? 


The  ideas listed above are great, but they are  just scratching the surface. The opportunities are truly endless with seminar marketing, and the topics you cover are dependent on what kind of topics your potential insured individual would want to hear. 


Now that we covered the basics, why should you host an in-person seminar?

3 Reasons Why You Need to Host an Insurance Seminar

  • Increases Your Lead Pool

The #1 reason why you need to host an insurance seminar is that it increases your lead pool. You can have a sign-up landing page where you can capture all necessary contact information from the attendee before they arrive at the seminar. You can use this information to nurture them in an email nurture campaign later. 


Fun Fact: 44% of marketers experience a 3:1 ROI from event marketing.

  • Boosts Your Brand Awareness

Next, hosting a seminar boosts your brand awareness. Individuals who may have not heard of your insurance company before, now have the opportunity to get to know a little more about who you are in your seminar talk. So even if they don’t become a policyholder yet, they may consider your services later down the road. 

  • Helps You Gain Their Trust

Lastly, hosting a seminar will help you gain their trust


In a world where just about anything goes online (without any factual backing), you can understand why your potential customers may be a little skeptical before signing onto any dotted line. By giving them the space to meet you in person, you can win over their trust and give them room to ask you any questions they have about  Medicare plans. 

Bring in More Medicare Advantage Leads

With people becoming more willing to attend in-person events again, now is the time to start planning out your first seminar. By doing so, you will see an increase in qualified leads, brand awareness, and even better, closed deals. 


Are you ready to bring in more Medicare leads this year? Connect with our seminar marketers to see how you can get started!


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