How to Host a Medicare Seminar (People Want to Attend)

host medicare seminar

Medicare seminars should be fun and informative for your Medicare leads and annuity leads. Unfortunately, many Medicare seminars can be far from exciting. So, how do you get people excited about your next seminar? It’s not as hard as you may think it would be. 

How to Host a Seminar (People Want to Attend)

As a Medicare insurance agent, you’ve got the opportunity to host a seminar for your prospects that will have them delighted to attend. But, you can’t just go through the motions and expect success. Here are some of the top tips to follow in order to reach your Medicare insurance lead goals and get more attendees at your next seminar.

  • Survey Your Current Customers for Topic Ideas

Not sure what topics to cover in your next seminar? Survey your current customers to see what upcoming topics they would be interested in hearing about.

It can be easy to simply assume the best topics to cover. But, without knowing exactly what your current customers want to hear about, you are practically shooting arrows in the dark just hoping that your topic is a topic they want to hear. 

  • Provide Free Food and Drinks

Providing free food and beverages at your seminar is also a great way to bring in prospective clients. (You will want to definitely offer catered food and drinks if you are planning to host your seminar through breakfast or lunch! You wouldn’t want your audience to dip out early because you neglected to provide food during their break.) 

Pro tip: If you are working with a smaller budget, try asking around to local businesses to see if they would be up for providing complimentary food in exchange for a shoutout during the presentation. This is a great way to keep your food/drink costs low while supporting another local business in the community. 

  • Include Visuals and Video into Your Presentation

Lastly, you will want to include visuals and video in your presentation. No one wants to sit through a stale, unengaging presentation, and having an unattractive slide deck is one sure way to get your audience yawning and counting down the minutes until the presentation is over. 

Instead, try adding interesting GIFs, related pictures, and videos to keep them tuned in throughout the entire presentation. By adding a few visuals to your slide deck, you may even get them excited to ask questions at the end!

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