Getting the best final expense leads can be a tricky task because there are plenty of agents competing for the same customers. However, if you know where to look and take notes on four things that are essential when getting these leads, you can reap the benefits. Here are four things about final expense leads that insurance agents need to know.

What You Need to Know About Final Expense Leads to Seal the Deal

  1. Understand That This Conversation Isn’t “Happy” 

One thing to keep in mind about final expense leads is the fact that this generally isn’t a “fun” conversation. Final expense insurance is used to pay funeral costs and medical expenses after an individual passes. So, the tone of this conversation can be somber at times. Any good sales rep must be able to read the audience and be willing to use the sales mirroring technique to foster a feeling of trust. 

  1. You Should Display the Value of Final Expense Insurance Upfront

We’ve all be in a sales pitch where they haven’t demonstrated their “why” in the first few sentences. Insurance agents must showcase the value to the insurance policy upfront and come ready with numbers and data to back up why the individual needs to sign up. 

  1. You Need to Be Willing to Nurture a Relationship with Them

As an insurance agent, more specifically a final expense insurance agent, you have to realize that closing a deal is a marathon, not a sprint. You shouldn’t expect to close a deal on day one because your leads will probably want to take time to think through the decision and do research on their own time. 

What do you do then to keep your leads interested during this time of “research”? You keep on nurturing the relationship. You can do this by sending a thoughtful follow-up email with other final expense insurance  resources that they may be interested in. Then, when they are ready, they will be more willing to close the deal.

  1. They Don’t Like Receiving Cold Calls

Another thing to note about final expense leads is that they don’t like receiving cold calls. (But, who does?) 

So, if you bought a list of final expense leads off the internet, you need to understand that many of these “leads” will not be open to talking to you. Instead of buying leads, try creating a social media ad through YouTube or Facebook. These advertisements are proven to work for final expense lead generation, and the group of people who watch your ad are more willing to talk to you than if you were to spam call them. 

Get the Best Final Expense Leads with Digital Marketing

The traditional final expense business model has changed. Traditional marketing avenues are no longer working for the final expense industry, and as an insurance agent, you need to be willing to pivot your marketing strategy and flex with the times. 

What today’s insurance agents need is access to consumers’ online habits, information about their current lifestyles, and the most effective social media strategies that convert leads into sales opportunities.

At KeyWave Digital, our digital marketing solutions can help to convert your prospects into customers through social media advertising and email marketing. Don’t get stuck with the same old marketing tactics. Connect with our team to get more final expense leads — the right way.