Have you tried buying insurance leads, but aren’t seeing a good return on your investment? Are you finding it difficult to close sales? Are you simply looking for better ways to improve your ROI? This blog post is to help you understand the basics of why buying insurance leads may not be the best way to improve your bottom line. Let’s dive further into this major mistake that most insurance agents make.

The Major Mistake Most Agents Make

As a digital marketing agency, we hear the horror stories of insurance agencies spending their time and resources on leads that aren’t qualified (or willing to talk). The industry is full of lead generation companies tempting you with better metrics if you just buy a few more leads, but this isn’t the answer. Buying more leads doesn’t automatically translate into more business (but you probably already know this by now).

We’ve all gotten  spam or sales call we didn’t sign up for. It’s frustrating and can leave someone with a sour taste in their mouth. The last thing you want to come off as an insurance agent  is pushy or spammy, but cold calling  your purchased leads does both of these things.

Buying leads online won’t help you grow your insurance business. But, what will?

A Better Way to Improve Your ROI: Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

To start seeing real ROI in your business, you need to employ a marketing strategy that works. Here are the best marketing practices you need to follow to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

The Best Marketing Practices for Insurance Agents

  1. Understand  the Value You Bring to the Table

If you don’t know the value you bring, then your customers won’t either. What is your insurance company’s “why”? Why do your customers need your services? What is their pain point? 

  1. Create a Marketing Campaign that Sells

Next, after you understand what your “why” is and why your customers need you, it’s time to launch a marketing campaign that sells. You can do this through targeted social ads (i.e. Facebook or YouTube), landing pages, email, or even an automated webinar!

  1. Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up. 

After your leads have engaged with your marketing campaign  in some way or another, it’s time to follow up. They know who you are at this point and the value that your business brings, so now is the time for your sales team to reach out via email. The best way to do this without seeming too obtrusive is to email a lead additional resources from your website. This resource can be in the form of  an interesting article or an eBook to continue to nurture the relationship further. 

Bring in More Qualified Insurance Leads in 2021

If you are ready to bring in more leads this year for your insurance business, we are here to help! At KeyWave Digital, we specialize in digital marketing for insurance agents. Our approach is not a one-size-fits all approach and we take the time to listen to the nuances your unique insurance business has. 

Ready to get more leads (and closed deals) in 2021? Connect with our team to get started!