As a Medicare Insurance Agent, you have one goal: to close deals. If you aren’t closing deals, you aren’t getting the commission you expect. 

But, let’s say you’ve hit a wall. You’re reaching the end of the month, and you have been behind on your sales goals. What gives? 

Is it the price point? Could it have been something you said in the first meeting? There are many reasons why you are having trouble closing deals, but we decided to pull together three of those reasons.  Here are a few of those common reasons why you may not be closing as many medicare insurance deals as you thought you would.

3 Reasons Why Your Medicare Insurance Leads Aren’t Closing

  1. You Bought a List of “Bad Leads”

Buying a list of leads isn’t an uncommon way for agents to find prospective customers. The problem? The lists are generally filled with unqualified. This can include some of the leads having a bad credit score, not meeting a certain age bracket, etc.

All-in-all, buying a list of bad leads can be a waste of time that could be spent finding leads that are a fit for what you’re offering.

  1. You Haven’t Followed Up with Your Leads

Another common reason  why you aren’t closing leads like you thought you would is because you simply haven’t followed up with your leads. They said “no” last month, so you have forgotten to nurture your relationship even after the first “no”. 

Pro tip: One  of our favorite ways to nurture leads is to direct them to an automated webinar! Webinars are a chance for you to get to go more in-depth on the services you offer. You can use that time to show them value and to answer any commonly asked questions they may have before contacting you. 

  1. You Tried to Close the Deal  on Day 1

Being a medicare insurance agent is all about nurturing relationships and getting your leads to trust you. For many, getting asked to buy a medicare insurance plan on the first day of meeting an insurance representative can be off-putting, to say the least. When buying medicare insurance, potential customers  want to do their due diligence to research on their own, run the numbers, and get to know their agent more.

So what can you do as an agent? Instead of taking a high sales pressure route on Day 1, you can instead nurture your relationship by giving them additional educational resources from your website and maintaining the relationship by checking in on them every so often.

Are You Done with Chasing Bad Insurance Leads?

If you are done going after bad medicare leads, we understand your frustration. Making calls to leads and reaching out to them to only get met with crickets on the other end can be disheartening — especially when you have a certain quota you need to meet. 
At KeyWave Digital, we specialize in medicare lead generation through automated webinars. Want to learn more? Connect with our lead generation specialists to get started!


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