Financial Advisor Marketing: Why You Need to Host a Seminar

financial advisor marketing seminar

In today’s world of financial services marketing, it can be hard to catch the eye of new prospects. Due to an ever-increasing amount of financial advisors trying to attract and win over new clients, many are turning to seminars and other live events in order to make a lasting impression on the people who matter most – those who are in need of their own financial plan.

Financial Advisor Leads 101: Why You NEED to Host a Seminar as a Financial Advisor

There are various ways to collect qualified leads for financial advisors, but seminar marketing is one of the most effective ways to do so because seminars enable you to form a direct relationship with your current clients or potential clients. Not only that, but it also provides great growth opportunities. Let’s look at some more reasons why you need to focus on seminar marketing as an advisor. 

  • You Can Go More In-Depth on Certain Topics (ex. Annuities, Student Loans, etc.)

There are only so many blog topics that you can cover as an advisor before you need to answer financial questions in-person about annuities for retirement, student loan repayment options, or any other financial services questions they may have. By hosting a seminar, you can dive deep into financial planning topics that you may not have been able to through any other marketing channel. 

  • You Put a Face Behind the Name

Next, hosting a seminar puts a face behind the name of your business. In today’s world, connection is everything. And, if you aren’t putting yourself out there as an advisor, potential prospects may go to an advisor that is. Putting yourself out there allows your audience to foster a deeper connection with you and become more likely to convert into a client. 

  • You Can Answer Questions in Real-Time

As a prospect, you probably do your due diligence to research everything there is to know about hiring a financial advisor before picking up the phone. But even with extensive research, your prospects still will have questions that they want answers to in real-time. Through hosting a seminar, you give your potential clients the floor to put you on the spot and ask you anything they would like. This Q&A time is powerful and enables your audience to foster a feeling of trust with you. 

Financial Services Lead Generation: Increase Your Lead Pool with Seminar Marketing

As in-person events start to make way again, it’s time for your to revive your seminar marketing efforts to meet your prospective clients face-to-face  and answer any questions they may have. Our hope is that in reading this article, it has shown you the benefits of hosting your very own seminar and encourage you to host an in-person seminar if you haven’t before!

At KeyWave Digital, we help financial advisors just like yourself host financial services seminars to connect you with prospects and get more clients. Contact our seminar marketing team to get started!


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