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Facebook Final Expense Leads Generated in Real Time for Your Agency

This is for insurance agents that want to increase their revenue and help more people each month.

Helping folks find their best final expense options is the easy part. Getting on the phone with high quality leads on a regular basis is the hard part. We’re here to solve the hard part for you.

FE leads on autopilot

Our done for you marketing system sends you leads directly to your inbox in real-time!


Compliant Content

Ad copy that’s in compliance with insurance guidelines and speaks to your market.

Landing Pages

Custom branded landing page development specifically for your campaign(s).

Campaign Management

Setup, split-testing, targeting, management. We do everything for you to ensure maximum ROI.

Final Expense Lead Generation

There are millions of people online every day, using social media, Google, YouTube, and browsing the Internet in general.  What if those people became final expense leads for your business?

We use our tried and true methods learned from Medicare lead generation and apply them to Final Expense lead generation to get you the customers you’ve been searching for.  

Online lead generation is not only faster than direct-mail, but it’s also more efficient. Imagine a prospect filling out your lead form. Within a few seconds they’ve become a lead and you have their contact information in your inbox.

You literally can be on the phone with them within 30 seconds of them showing interest. No waiting for your mail to reach their home and waiting for it to be sent back.

Our methods primarily leverage Facebook final expense leads since the senior population is more active on Facebook than ever.

Unlike Medicare marketing, we’re not tied to the T65 population, which gives us an extremely healthy audience size to target for your campaigns. 

This makes Facebook the prime means to target your future customers and generate final expense leads. 

However, this market is also very active on search engines which makes YouTube advertising and SEO an effective strategy as well.

final expense facebook leads

Fill Up Your Pipeline With The Best Final Expense Facebook Leads

We work with both independent agents/agencies and field marketing organizations (FMO’s) to implement online marketing strategies for all agents.  And all of our leads are exclusive to you – we never share or sell leads to anyone else.

Not only will we take care of setting up and monitoring the campaigns, but we will also build custom landing pages, optimized lead forms, instant lead notifications, and can even hook them up to your current CRM.

If you don’t already have a CRM, we have a done-for-you CRM platform to use to track your leads through pipeline stages, send emails, send SMS messages, and more.

New leads are available ASAP – as soon as they fill out the forms, they’re ready to be contacted by you. Call your new leads within 10 minutes after they fill out the form and watch your conversions skyrocket.

We produce eye-catching ads that make your target audience click on a link that directs them to your landing page (that we build for your campaign and optimize for conversions). 

From there, prospective clients fill out a quick, brand new form (no autofill!), and answer a few questions, making our leads higher intent and higher quality.

Who We Are


Unlike most marketing agencies, we don’t try to do it all. We focus on the insurance market, and we have the experience to back it up.


When you work with us, you benefit from a marketing team that knows the target market. We understand the market in a way that general marketing agencies are just not able to.

Unique, Tried-and-Tested Marketing Campaigns

Our approach has been built and refined with input from top producers in the insurance industry. We’ve taken their input and combined it with years of marketing experience.


What you get: proven campaigns with messaging and call-to-actions that resonate with folks interested in getting coverage. Make sales now AND fill your pipeline for months down the road.

KeyWave Digital

Hear About Our Clients’ Success

Facebook & YouTube are great tools to reach people who may need the final expense insurance assistance that you offer. The senior market is active on social media and search engines, which makes it a prime platform to run advertisements to attract new clientele.

Our online strategies have successfully resulted in many leads and growth opportunities for our current clients and their agencies. We handle all forms of advertising with the utmost care, as it’s your money being spent to run them.  Let KeyWave Digital help you grow your clientele by running Facebook advertisements for you today!

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