Re-thinking the Way You Advertise to the Senior Market

We help Carolina Senior Marketing modernize and greatly improve their ROI on marketing their Medicare Meetings (both informational meetings year-round and sales meetings during AEP), as well as generating real-time leads that reach out to agents to get help with their healthcare and enrollment. 

Using Paid Advertising (Facebook in this case), we target the people approaching enrollment where they spend the most time on the internet.

Click below and listen to Dustin Alipour, CEO Carolina Senior Marketing, tell of how we help his company get more for their marketing dollars.

Shifting From Direct Mail to Digital Advertising

We helped Roman Gomez transition from a predominantly direct mail approach to attracting high quality, long form Medicare leads using digital advertising.

In addition to paid advertising, Roman also leveraged KWD to build him a custom WordPress website, and provide ongoing social media management.

All together, we’ve taken him from virtually no online presence, to completely dominating his market on the internet.

Adapting to Advertising During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people do business for the foreseeable future.  In the midst of the pandemic, Medicare agent Yvonne engaged Keywave Digital to provide digital marketing services to reach her target market more effectively.  

We were able to establish a presence in her target market to drive qualified leads to her business.  In addition to generating direct-response leads, we stay in front of them and establish authority by using e-mail marketing to stay in front of her prospects and customers. We’re able to connect with people who are ready to enroll in the next 1-3 months, and stay in front of the rest until they are ready to take action. 

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